28A Clay

“At our studio, we create pots to be used in the home.  While seemingly mundane, these objects are part of the background structures of life itself, silently containing and delivering nourishment to our bodies throughout the day.

Our pots reference the great ceramic traditions of the East-China, Korea, and Japan-as well as the country wares of medieval England and early America. The wheel-thrown pots of these cultures had a vitality and simplicity that was completely extinguished by the advent of industrial production techniques. Wares most commonly used today are a result of this industrialization, and exhibit the cold, lifelessness of the methods used to produce them.

From within our modern context of mass-produced ceramics, and disposable paper and plastic containers, we strive to make thoughtful and beautiful pots which can cast light on the importance of daily articles of domestic life. The goal is to attune people’s awareness to the subtle ways in which a handmade pot can enrich our everyday experiences, bringing thoughtfulness and human connection into our lives as a whole.”


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